Optometrist serving Walnut, Diamond Bar, San Gabriel Valley
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Optometrist serving Walnut, Diamond Bar, San Gabriel Valley
We are proud to offer the following eyecare services:


Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Dr Joe provides comprehensive eye and vision examinations for children, adults, and seniors. Our thorough exams include testing to maximize our patient's vision with glasses, contact lenses, and/or laser surgery. The mode of correction will be discussed with you to determine what is best for your eyes and lifestyle. Dr. Joe will also perform a full ocular health check to rule out any eye disease as mentioned below.   


Eye Disease Detection & Treatment

Dr. Joe is board certified to detect and treat many eye conditions and diseases including diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, ocular allergies, eye infections and many other eye diseases. We provide urgent care including the removal of foreign bodies embedded in the eye, ocular injuries whether on the job, from school or sporting activities.  


Complete Optical Services

We have an on-site full service optical lab to fulfill all of your optical needs. In addition to providing complimentary service of repairing and adjusting eyeglasses for all our patients, we also fill other optometrists' prescriptions. We offer 1-hour service in some cases.

Our office offers a full range of optical lenses to enhance your vision whether for work, leisure or sports. These lenses and their benefits are explained below:

  • Premium progressive lenses (Varilux) - allows a patient to have more natural vision whether looking at far, intermediate or near distances.
  • Polycarbonate lenses - lenses that are impact-resistant offering greater eye protection especially for young children, those who need to wear spectacles for sports or employed in dangerous work environment.
  • Transition lenses - lenses that change from clear to dark when outdoors to reduce glare from the sun and protect the eyes from the sun's dangerous UV rays.
  • Anti-Glare Coating - significantly reduces glare from the sun, computer monitor or headlights from on-coming cars when driving at night. It also improves the appearance of glasses by making them appear transparent.
  • High-index lenses - for those with high prescriptions, these lenses significantly reduce the thickness and weight, thereby, improving the look and comfort of glasses.


Laser Vision Correction Co-Management

Our office offers free consultations for those interested in pursuing the myriad of choices of laser and refractive vision correction (Custom Lasik, Conventional Lasik, Photorefractive Keratectomy, Implantable Contact Lenses, Near CK). We work closely with the TLC laser centers which have some of the most experienced and reputable laser surgeons in the country. During your eye exam, Dr. Joe will present a variety of laser vision correction procedures, discuss the pros and cons of each and recommend the best one for you. If you decide to move forward with any of the procedures, Dr. Joe will take all the pre-operative measurements and communicate this to the surgeon. After the surgery, your post-operative period will be followed by Dr. Joe, assuring that you receive the best care and results from your surgery.



Optometrist serving Walnut, Diamond Bar, San Gabriel Valley

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Optometrist serving Walnut, Diamond Bar, San Gabriel Valley